90th Anniversary

90th Anniversary

To know the history of the Palm Beach Day Academy is to love it.  Since it’s inception in 1921, Palm Beach Day Academy has been an integral part of the Palm Beach community.   The school has grown as the island has grown, from a cottage colony school serving the children of captains of industry, politicians, doyens of society, architects, and entrepreneurs to a school that now serves over 500 children in the greater Palm
Beach area. 

At the inception of the school in 1921, the parents chose rigorous schooling, preparing students to follow in their parents’ footsteps, to surpass their parents, and in some cases to create new footsteps that existed as a model for future students to follow.  In the beginning, the Palm Beach School for Girls and the Palm Beach School for Boys provided an education for students who were accompanying their parents for the “season”, which lasted from January to February.  As the “season” became extended, so did the school year and the academic rigors.  By 1931, there was one school, co-ed, which provided a quality education for seasonal residents, an athletic program which incorporated a two hour lunch with tennis and swimming at local clubs, and a dedicated faculty who became more than teachers to the students. 

The most important tradition carried over from the beginning of the school is the attention to students by their teachers, a hallmark of the school from its inception to the present. Although students from the 20s to the 60s were seasonal, Palm Beach Day School accommodated them, nurtured them, and sent them off as young adults, better prepared for success in an ever changing world.  It was not just because they matured, but they learned, made friends, overcame challenges, and realized that they could make a difference.

As Palm Beach Day School strived to meet the needs and demands of families in the area, the school grew, changed, added buildings, students, teachers, parents, associations, and merged with another school, but it never changed its character.  

In 2006, The Academy of the Palm Beaches (formerly The Children’s House) and the Palm Beach Day School joined forces to become the premier elementary school in the Palm Beach area.  Now serving children from pre-kindergarten (age 2) through 9th grade, Palm Beach Day Academy remains committed to it’s original ideals.   It has been, and always will be a school that expects rigorous academic achievement, realizes and acknowledges that students are different, and accommodates for those differences.