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Welcome to Palm Beach Day Academy!

Known throughout Palm Beach County for its challenging curriculum and vibrant community, Palm Beach Day Academy is the school of choice for families who value an education that guides each child toward personal excellence of mind, body and character.

Selecting a school is an important decision, and we are delighted that you are considering PBDA as a possibility for your child. As you learn more about PBDA and think about your child's education, consider these two questions:

What makes a school the right fit for a child?

We believe that finding the answer to that question requires parents to familiarize themselves with each school's program and philosophy and allow the admission offices to get to know their child. Palm Beach Day Academy is a community that strives to provide diverse challenges and unique opportunities for personal growth. The school provides an atmosphere and program that fosters the development of socially responsible, compassionate and independent critical thinkers. Parents should take the time to understand a school and imagine their child in that environment.

What child is the right fit for PBDA's environment?

To allow children to make the most of this opportunity, we seek students who are ready and willing to contribute to our dynamic learning experience. As such, our decisions are largely based on how well a child will benefit from our program as well as on how the child can contribute to our community.

We enroll students, who, along with their families, are well suited to grow and develop with PBDA. Our parents are committed to promoting an active and successful partnership between families and the school in order to understand, support and implement the mission of the school.

We view the admission process as an opportunity not only to get to know you as a family, but also to introduce you to our students and faculty, and to provide as much information as possible about what our community has to offer. We like to get to know our prospective students and families, and we hope that you will make the same effort to get to know us.

Detailed information about the admission process can be found on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions. We hope to meet you soon. 

Meghan Albanese
Director of Admission and Financial Aid
561-832-8815, ext. 105

Dorothea Cvelbar
Associate Director of Admission
561-832-8815, ext. 104