January 20, 2018 | News
2018 Pet Show

The 2018 Palm Beach Day Academy Pet Show was an opportunity for proud pet owners to give others a chance to admire their pets and to have those pets evaluated by a team of expert pet judges, a.k.a. willing alumni. The judges chose: Short Hair Dog– 1st Busby the Scottie (Ferguson Family), 2nd Strudel the dachshund (Ridley Family), 3rd Marshall (Avila Family); Short Hair Cat– 1st Mittens (Arroyo Family); Long Hair Dog– 1st Hunter (Diebold Family), 2nd Shiloh (Keen Family); Long Hair Cat/Pet– 1st Maisey (Steffee Family), 2nd Bentley the bunny (Brown Family); Cutest– 1st Blue the bulldog (Bonner Family), 2nd Hailey (Koch Family), Tokyo(Wamser Family); Best Costume– 1st Max the Cowboy (Bartra Family), 2nd Place Buddy, Izzy, Rolly, Roo (Cate Goddeu-Hall), 3rd Snowball (Brown Family); Best Trick– 1st Welly (Boyd Family), 2nd Harry (Osborne Family); Most Exotic– 1st Tweety the Quail (Steffee Family). The judges chose Max the Cowboy (Bartra Family) to receive the Best In Show Ribbon.

Alumni Judges – Tracy Kramm ’80, Carrie Pateman ’92, Turner Benoit ’97, Olympia Shields ’97, Trent Swift ’00, Helin Siris ’01, and Grace Gunkel ’05.