February 06, 2018 |
2018 Walter H. Butler Field Day Captains Announced

As the Pelicans and Flamingo begin to prepare for the 87th Walter H. Butler Field Day on Saturday, February 24, their captains will be making strategic decisions about how each team’s athletes can best contribute to a win.  This is serious business for both teams.  Although the Flamingos have enjoyed a recent winning streak, the Pelicans are ahead by two over Field Day’s 86 year history.  As preparations begin for the 87th Field Day, the scores stands at 44-42.

May the Best Bird Win!

Pelican  Captains  Grades 7-9
Lauren Susick
Teddy Tarone

Flamingo Captains Grades 7-9
India Lalor
Carson “Billy” Reid

Pelican Captains Grades  5-6
Scout Balda
Garvey Beall

Flamingos Captains Grades 5-6
Annie Soper
Tyler Aronson