January 31, 2020 | News
2nd Grade “Habitat Museum” Brings Wildlife to the Classroom

Throughout the year, second graders at Palm Beach Day Academy continuously tap into their creative sides through the expansive Nonfiction Unit. As part of the unit curriculum, teachers have tasked their students to flex their information writing skills while also growing their knowledge of habitats and animal camouflage.

Working in small groups, students researched and organized information about chosen habitats and the animals that live there. Compiling all of their learnings, students created presentation materials and exhibits to be displayed at the “PBDA Habitat Museum” on Friday, January 31.

Entirely student-driven, the habitat displays provided students with an opportunity to demonstrate their learnings through various creative mediums. On the day of the “Habitat Museum” celebration, students presented their findings to classmates and parents while dressed as the animals or plants found in their habitat. The presentation of artifacts and findings gave students a chance to educate others while practicing their public speaking and presentation skills.

Keep reading to view the student groups for each habitat:

  1. Exhibit A: Ocean – Mary Britton F., Ryder L., Morgan T., Cooper T. and Ariana Z.
  2. Exhibit B: Fresh Water – Parker A., Mason B., Rosie G., and Minty H.
  3. Exhibit C: Polar Regions – Brunella B., Jack C., Gigi J. and Francesca P.
  4. Exhibit D: Grasslands – Jonah K., Rose M., Sophia M. and Ashton T.
  5. Exhibit E: Desert – Brooks B., Olivia P., Sophia P., Zachary S. and Caroline T.
  6. Exhibit F: Mountains and Caves – Ryan A., Hudson B., Preston M. and Lee M.
  7. Exhibit G: Tropical Rainforest – Greyson K., Griffin K., Jean Louise M., Caitlyn R. and Hunter W.