February 21, 2018 |
5th Graders Bring 42 Presidents to the Smith Family Theater

PBDA’s 5th Graders transformed themselves into 41 of the 44 United States Presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump and took the stage for the 28th Annual 5th Grade Presidents’ Assembly on Friday, February 16. The 5th Grade history program focuses on United States history and government. To prepare for the Presidents’ Assembly, each 5th Grader researches his or her president and writes a 30 second “autobiographical” speech that includes the most interesting facts, trivia and folklore from that president’s life and presidency. For the assembly, each student goes to considerable lengths to achieve the proper look. The result, is a colorful, face-paced recap of U.S. history that is especially enjoyed by older school mates who fondly remember their own 30 seconds at the podium in years past.