February 24, 2020 | News
A Sweet Taste of Pi Day

Any morning that begins with a Gramentine rendition of the Hamilton soundtrack promises a great day ahead. As was the case on Monday, February 24, also known as “Pi Day” on the Palm Beach Day Academy Upper Campus.

Fourth Grade Teacher and emcee of the morning, Mr. Jim Gramentine, opened the morning with his own rendition of “You’ll Be Back” from the Hamilton musical, but with lyrics twisted to be ‘Pi appropriate.’

Preparation for the Pi Day assembly begins long before February as students in Grades 3-9 volunteer themselves to contestants in the annual competition. Participation means memorizing the never-ending digits of Pi. For the record, there are currently on record 31.4 trillion known digits of Pi.

On the morning of February 24, the top students from each division (3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 7th-9th Grades) stood in front of the entire Upper Campus student body to recite their memorized digits of Pi. There were no contestants from the 5th or 6th grade this year. Contestants from the 3rd Grade were winner Gabby A. (84 digits), Elle M. (76 digits), Will M. (44 digits), and Sam F. (37 digits). 4th Grade contestants were winner Sienna S. (125 digits) and Kayla F. (91 digits). Finally from 7th-9th Grade was repeat “Pi King” Bertie A. (226 digits) who was trailed very closely by runner-up Cameron E. (221 digits).

The winner of each division earned the opportunity to pie the willing teachers of their choice, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Bieneman, and Mrs. Close.

Congratulations to all of our Pi Day participants! It is certainly no easy feat to correctly memorize upwards of 200 seemingly random digits.