Environmental Stewardship

Through environmental education, PBDA strives to promote student-driven exploration to encourage our students to discover new ways of maintaining sustainability and healthy ways of living. From Pre-Primary to eighth grade, students are taught to consider how their everyday actions impact our planet and to better understand how humans and nature are connected.

Green School of Excellence

PBDA is proud to have been recognized annually with FAU’s Green School of Excellence award since the program’s inauguration in 2008.

Participating in a real-world race against time to understand and rescue coral from the stress being placed on the species by climate change, Upper Campus students founded the PBDA Coral Project in Fall 2018 to help focus local and national attention on the plight of the world’s reefs. Today, the Coral Project has grown to reach all grades and expanded to include additional environmental research vital to Florida – mangroves, Everglades, and more. Students of all ages have the opportunity to learn firsthand what they can do personally to affect these vital current issues.

Daily lessons often take place outdoors where our schoolyard habitats and various gardens can serve as an experiential learning environment. We are constantly on the road, participating in place-based learning activities at local community centers such as Grassy Waters, MacArthur Beach State Park, and Healthy Aquatics Marine Institute of Florida.

Throughout the year, students across both campuses jointly plant and maintain PBDA’s garden beds. Students learn about the life cycle of plants, gardening responsibilities, and where their food comes from, among many other things.

Through partnerships with local organizations like MANG and FAU’s Pine Jog, our students acquire hands-on experiences that allow them to take control of their role in the future of our environment. Service projects are heavily emphasized to emphasize the understanding that working together helps to make our environment and community a better place.