Public Speaking

Palm Beach Day Academy students are taught the foundational skills of public speaking beginning as early as the age of two, setting the stage for students to successfully craft an argument, speak persuasively, and eloquently share and defend their opinions.

Ask any PBDA alum and they will likely tell you that one of their most valued takeaways from their time at their alma mater is the ability to speak comfortably and confidently in front of their peers in all types of settings.

Beginning in Pre-Primary and all the way through Ninth Grade, students are given countless opportunities each year of varying environments to practice speaking in front of their peers. In supportive settings, students have opportunities to create and present their ideas while speaking with volume, poise, and confidence. From informal settings and class time, to grade-wide presentations with parents and campus-wide Flag and Assembly school meetings, public speaking is woven into moments both big and small at PBDA.