Palm Beach Day Academy believes so strongly in the value of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) as a vital approach to education that a dedicated team of teachers on both campuses is dedicated to providing students with authentic opportunities to collaborate and solve problems.

The Innovation Labs on both campuses encourage students to use manipulatives to design solutions as a team of scientists, engineers, artists and mathematicians in lessons that are rigorous, fun and contain real-world applications.

When STEAM and Innovation rooms work properly, students make the decisions, control the direction of their projects and solve problems as a team of scientists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians.

Lower Campus

The Merck Innovation Lab provides a dedicated space for students from Kindergarten through Third Grade to try their hand at video production, designing, scientific exploration, building, and tinkering.

As part of our Innovation Lab program, students work through a progressive curriculum which incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards while integrating Technology, Engineering, Robotics, Mathematics and Science Fields. Hands-on learning experiences promote creative and critical thinking, problem-solving strategies, communication, and collaboration.

The lab is equipped with five robotics systems including Wonder Workshop’s Dot and Dash, Spheros, Bee-Bots, Ozobots and We-Do Legos, as well as a 3D Printer, Green Screen Studio, Lego Wall, magnetic wall, and various building materials including wooden blocks, Legos, Magna-tiles, Lincoln Logs, bristle blocks, and Plus Plus.

Students also visit the lab once per week for science class where topics covered include physical science, earth science, life cycles, habitats, and more. Here, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of hands-on science experiments that increase subject knowledge on each of these topics.

Upper Campus

PBDA believes in educating a generation of students to be inspired, to take responsible risks, and to be global problem solvers. The Innovative Design Lab on PBDA’s Upper Campus does just that by offering students opportunities to engage in inquiry, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.

Two teachers are dedicated to assisting their fellow teachers with collaborative, cross-curricular projects that give students opportunities to solve authentic problems of interest to them. Students are tasked with being “problem finders” and, through the Design Thinking process and technology, they develop ideas and solutions.