Palm Beach Day Academy is committed to keeping pace with technological developments and creating a 21st century learning environment. That means investing in technology and tools that are most useful to faculty and students.

2nd Grade PBDA self portrait

Equitable access to technology aids students in becoming information producers rather than information consumers, as well as self-directed learners and collaborative team players.

Used to support both teaching and learning, PBDA incorporates the use of a variety of digital learning tools including Smartboards, Smart TVs, iPads, iMacs, Chromebooks, and robotics systems in our classrooms. These tools increase student engagement, generate new learning opportunities,  promote both collaboration and problem solving, all while preparing our students for the digital future. Both students and teachers use Google Classroom.

Bring Your Own Device

With PBDA’s “Bring Your Own Device” policy, students in Grades 4-9 are welcome to bring any laptop or tablet to school. Beginning in Grade 6, students must bring their own device.

The use of these devices, as with any personally owned device, is strictly up to each teacher. Per PBDA’s cell phone policy, smartphones may have a place in some classrooms but they’re not considered a device for the purposes of the program.

Choosing Your Device

When choosing a device, please keep in mind that the majority of our students and all of our faculty use Apple devices, and as such Apple MacBooks or iPads tend be the most effective fit. Laptops typically allow a student to be more productive in creating documents, presentations, movies or other digital media, but ultimately, it is up to the student and their family to choose which device is the best for them.

Digital Citizenship

PBDA believes that schools should play a role in teaching students to use technology appropriately. Rather than banning the devices that students use in their daily lives, PBDA teachers guide them in developing the skills needed to be productive digital citizens. Please visit for more information.