Palm Beach Day Academy recognizes that technology should act as a powerful learning resource for students, allowing us to judiciously integrate our technology program across all disciplines. Technology provides our students with essential tools that encourage them to think, to challenge, and to connect. Our faculty use technology to enhance PBDA’s curricular content and expand our students’ global connections as they develop skills for the 21st century.

2nd Grade PBDA self portrait

Beginning in Primary, students are exposed to iPad applications in a developmentally appropriate way, providing first-hand experience of how technology can support their learning while practicing skills and seeking information that supports thematic learning. Starting in Kindergarten, students begin to visit our Lower Campus’ computer lab weekly where mouse and keyboarding skills, coupled with internet navigation, introduce students to the world of computers. As their technological confidence grows, students begin to create, document, present, and publish their work. Through the use of iPad apps and websites, our students are able to explore digital art and coding in a way that builds on the skills learned from year to year. In addition, our Technology Educator meets regularly with individual classroom teachers to strategically incorporate technology into the classroom curriculum.

In addition to the technology lab, students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 3 operate in an environment of 1:1 iPads.

Across both campuses, PBDA utilizes a variety of digital learning tools including Smartboards, Smart TVs, iPads, iMacs, Chromebooks, and robotics systems in our classrooms to support both teaching and learning. These tools increase student engagement, generate new learning opportunities, and promote both collaboration and problem-solving, all while preparing our students for the digital future.

With PBDA’s “Bring Your Own Device” policy on our Upper Campus, students in Grades 4-9 are welcome to bring any laptop or tablet to school. Beginning in Grade 6, students must bring their own devices. The use of these devices, as with any personally owned device, is strictly up to each teacher. Per PBDA’s cell phone policy, smartphones may have a place in some classrooms but they’re not considered a device for the purposes of the program.

We believe that schools should play a role in teaching students to use technology appropriately. Rather than banning the devices that students use in their daily lives, our teachers instead guide them in developing the skills needed to be productive digital citizens. Please visit for more information.