Tuition & Fees

Affording PBDA

Palm Beach Day Academy is committed to enrolling and graduating stellar students from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Such a commitment strengthens the educational experience for the individual and for the community. Through our financial assistance program, PBDA seeks to offer access and opportunity to qualified students from a broad socio-economic background with demonstrated financial need.


*Tuition rates for the upcoming school year will be determined in late January 2021. 

Pre-Primary – 3 Half Days$14,420
Pre-Primary – 5 Half Days$18,720
Pre-Primary – Full Day$22,990
Primary – Half Day$18,720
Primary – Full Day$22,990
First Grade$28,930
Second Grade$28,930
Third Grade$28,930
Fourth Grade$31,560
Fifth Grade$31,560
Sixth Grade$31,560
Seventh Grade$33,980
Eighth Grade$33,980
Ninth Grade$34,650

Tuition is payable in 1 full payment or 10 monthly payments (managed by Smart Tuition).

Additional fees:

  • Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) 1.55% of tuition (required for first year families and monthly payment plan)
  • Textbooks (Grades K-9) are purchased separately
  • Uniforms are purchased separately at the PB Boys Club (307 South County Road, Palm Beach) or online through Lands’ End

Additional options include transportation, after school Enrichment classes, and the lunch program.