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Lower Campus
Pre-K – 3rd Grade
Upper Campus
4th Grade – 9th Grade

Alternative Sports

An alternative to the regular Palm Beach Day Academy athletic curriculum is available to 8th- and 9th-grade boys and girls. The school recognizes that many of our student athletes are involved in other competitive and meaningful activities in addition to after-school athletic commitments involving Palm Beach Day. The athletic alternative is an opportunity for our student athletes to continue exploring legitimate outside interests without affecting the success of our interscholastic teams.

The guidelines to be granted permission to seek an alternative to athletics are as follows:

  • The Palm Beach Day School athletic curriculum needs to be substituted with a meaningful activity as deemed by the headmaster, head of upper school and athletic director. It is strongly recommended that the activity have a high level competitive component. Recreational activities will not be approved.
  • The intention to seek an alternative to a particular season must be brought to the attention of the athletic director two weeks prior to the beginning of the season that will be affected by the alternative sport.
  • The alternative activity must be supervised by an experienced coach or instructor and meet on a daily basis.
  • A written request addressed to the athletic director needs to be completed and approved by the headmaster, head of upper school and athletic director one week prior to the season.

Game Schedules and Directions