January 27, 2018 |
Camouflaged Second Graders Report on their Research

Excited for Camouflage Day, Second Grade students arrived to school on January 17 dressed to demonstrate what they’d learned about  the many ways animals use camouflage to hide in plain sight.   The big day was the culminating event to an integrated classroom research project.  Because Second Graders are studying the continent of Asia in their year-long Global Studies program, they chose animals from that part of the world.  Over several weeks, Second Graders researched their animals’ characteristics, habitats, predators, prey, and the many ways camouflage is used for survival.  Students then used the information to write their first research reports.  The students were camouflaged as they arrived at school on the 17th to present their reports in character.  Luckily, they delivered those reports in a Florida classroom where they could be seen, because had they presented in Asia, they would have been much more difficult to spot.