Single-Day Event
PBDA On Topic: How to Keep Executive Function Functioning During a Pandemic
  • Date: November 19, 2020
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Venue: Zoom link below

Join PBDA, Jack A. Naglieri and Kathleen M. Kryzafor for a virtual discussion on the mental processes that enable humans to plan and function effectively both academically and social-emotionally. These challenging times require humans to use their executive function more than ever. Learn about the brain research related to executive function and strategies to improve the academic and coping skills needed to survive through difficult days and beyond.

In an effort to keep the PBDA parent community informed of current trends in learning, psychology, technology and more, the PBDA On Topic parenting series invites both current and prospective families, as well as members of the Palm Beach County community, for a morning of discussion and continued education. The events will transition to be virtual this fall, and are free and open to the community.


Jack A. Naglieri Bio:

Jack A. Naglieri, PhD. held faculty appointments in psychology at Northern Arizona University, The Ohio State University and George Mason University from 1979-2000. He has created many tests used by psychologists and educators such as the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, the Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition, Autism Spectrum Rating Scale, Devereux Student Strength Assessment, Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory, and forthcoming Naglieri Tests of General Ability– Verbal, Quantitative and Nonverbal. He is also well known for the PASS neurocognitive theory of intelligence and its use for the identification of specific learning disabilities, fair and equitable assessment of diverse populations, and academic interventions.

Kathleen M. Kryzafor Bio:

Kathleen is passionate, informed and committed to bringing the best educational practices to educators, so that they can help students succeed. She has taught general education, special education, gifted and talented students, and students of varying socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds. Kathleen has an M.A. in Special Education, and a B.A. in Education. She has presented for educators around the world for over 30 years and is the author of several books including, Transformative Teaching and Differentiating in the Real Classroom.