April 27, 2020 | Heads' Blog
How to Get Your Kids to Treat You Like a Teacher

Written by Martha Bjorklund, Head of Lower Campus at PBDA

Who could have imagined when we started the school year in September that we would be deep into distance learning now? The word “survival” has taken on new meaning because that is what we are all trying to do. Suddenly, simple tasks are no longer that easy. Students, parents, and teachers are now living in a new online world, taking on new roles and skills to get through the day. 

My routine each morning is to wake up and dive into The New York Times to read the news. Of course, as an educator, I am always reading the education and parenting sections of the paper. One morning this past week, I came upon a wonderful article written by freelance writer Danielle Braff, entitled “How to Get Your Kids to Treat You Like Their Teacher.” The article offers sound advice about keeping our children engaged with schoolwork at home, advice that I myself have shared with parents over my 37 years in education. The advice ranges from finding a designated area and using a timer to creating a schedule and holding back tears.

As parents, you are now having to wear both the parent and teacher cap at home. It is my hope that the advice in this Times article will resonate with you and our current situation.