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Lower Campus
Pre-K – 3rd Grade
Upper Campus
4th Grade – 9th Grade

Support Services

Achieve more with the right support.

At PBDA, every student achieves more, regardless of learning differences.

Studies show that early intervention prevents dramatic gaps in literacy skills, content knowledge and self-esteem from occurring.

The Learning Support team at PBDA provides support that is highly individualized and fully integrated with the curriculum and classroom life of the student. At each level, the structure and methodology of Learning Support are based on current educational research.

Kindergarten – Grade 3

On the Lower Campus, our mission is to solidify the underlying literacy skills that can unlock the potential of every student. In the classroom, phonics-based, multi-sensory lessons and routines are used to teach the whole group, while PBDA’s “two teacher” model allows for significant individualization.

For students who require a more explicit, incremental methodology, small group and 1:1 Orton-Gillingham sessions are available from the Learning Specialist, who has a Master’s in Cognitive Science in Education and years of experience teaching at Orton-Gillingham based schools. Flexible scheduling, tri-annual progress monitoring and constant communication between teachers, the Specialist and the Head of Lower School allow the intensity of each student’s program to be adapted, as necessary, throughout the year.

As a result, students in the Learning Support program, including those with diagnosed learning disabilities such as dyslexia or ADHD, are able to succeed within the rigorous curriculum at PBDA.

Academic Overview

Achieve more academically. Our goal is to prepare every student for admission and success at appropriate, excellent secondary schools.

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STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math – is widely recognized as a vital approach to education.

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