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Dress Code

Please note: Only uniform items purchased at the PB Boys and Girls Club and Aristokids, or online from the special PBDA Uniform Site of Lands’ End are permitted.

Also note: The information on this page is an important part of the dress code requirements. Please read this information thoroughly.

At Palm Beach Day Academy, we feel strongly that there is a direct association between how people look and how they feel about themselves. Neat usually means proud and confident.

In addition, PBDA has a long tradition of requiring uniforms. Unless permission is otherwise granted, students will arrive at school in full school uniform and leave in full uniform.

While the school certainly accepts the principle that all students are individuals, by our traditional nature we expect our students to demonstrate that individuality in their scholarship, character and performance, rather than through extreme dress or grooming. High standards are a significant part of our institutional personality, and we take great pride in that.

Accordingly, extreme dress and hairstyles are inappropriate and unacceptable. Except for 9th Grade girls, makeup is not permitted. Hair should be neat, clean and conducive to learning. Bangs for boys and girls should not interfere with their vision. Hair coloring of unnatural colors is not permitted. Jewelry must be conservative by traditionally accepted standards, such as conservative earrings for girls, no earrings for boys and no body rings for either gender.

Baggy or tight-fitting clothing and elaborately styled shoes are similarly inconsistent with the spirit of our dress standards, and are therefore unacceptable.

Our high standards will sometimes be perceived as conservative, especially in regard to fashion trends. Students who are tempted toward what school authorities would perceive as extreme are advised to resist that temptation. Although such judgments are subjective, the school will make those judgments conservatively, even if it means suspending a student’s privilege to attend school until the extreme is eliminated.

For the most part, our students and their parents accept and practice these standards in student dress. That is a part of voluntarily attending an independent school. The school presumes that families knew our standards on application and that enrollment implies acceptance of those standards for students. Whenever students choose to make a personal, political or fashion statement via extremes, school administrators will intercede and insist on standards which we feel are acceptable. We expect students to comply and parents to support our efforts in this regard.

Girls: Pre-Primary and Primary

  • Monday – Thursday
      • PBDA preschool jumper in yellow with navy trim or blue with navy trim
      • Blue PBDA shorts – pull on**
      • White peter-pan collar blouse**, or knit top with peter pan collar or white PBDA monogram tee shirt to be worn under jumper or with shorts
      • White ankle socks
      • Predominantly white sneakers or leather shoes brown or black (no sandals) (please avoid sneakers that light up or include neon colors)
  • Dress Uniform – Fridays and special occasions
      • PBDA preschool jumper in yellow with navy trim**
      • White Peter-pan collar blouse**
      • White ankle socks
      • Leather shoes brown or black (no sandals)
      • Navy cardigan with PBDA logo (cold weather)
  • Cold weather options: 55 degrees or colder
      • Navy sweatshirt and sweatpants with school seal
      • Navy v-neck sweater with PBDA logo
      • Navy cardigan with PBDA logo
      • Navy microfleece half-zip jacket with PBDA logo
      • Navy or white tights, white turtleneck
  • Primary Field Day
      • Yellow/Flamingo or Navy/Pelican tee shirt** (new students will be assigned to a team after school starts)
      • White gym shorts
      • White ankle socks
      • Predominantly white sneakers
    • ** These uniform pieces can be purchased ONLY at PB Boys Club / Aristokids, all other pieces found a www.landsend.com


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