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“A Bugz Holiday,” – 2018 Holiday Concert

Posted on: December 14, 2018

PBDA’s Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students had their moment in the lights on Thursday, December 13, when they performed “A Bugz Holiday” for their parents, grandparents and friends.  The annual Winter Concert showcases the student performers in one high-energy, show-stopping musical number after another.  Director, Robyn Huff, has mastered the art of inspiring nearly 200 young performers to fill the Halmos Center with an hour of active, colorful entertainment for everyone in the PBDA community.

The Queen Bee was played by Olivia K.  The troublesome termites: Wyatt O. & Ryder L.  The bugs: Gabby A., David B., Ella C., Victoria E,. Sam F., Chloe G., Charlee H., Eva H., Emma L., Jalen M., Elle M., Valentina N., Riley N., Kjell T., Fox W., and Eleanor W.   Solos were performed by Caroline A., Joan B., Kiley E., Kayla F., Paisley H., Olivia K., Cece M., Ashley P., and Francesca R.

The technical crew included Chris Carson, Sue Chris, George Yeager and Rusty Wilkerson. Sets and props: Chris Evans, Scott Moore, Benjamin & Christina Macfarland, Jennifer Lazzara, Elizabeth DeBrule, Lauren Clark, Robb Huff and Ernesta Maligno.