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Lower School Farmers Tend Their Gardens

Posted on: November 18, 2018

On Halloween, PBDA’s Lower Schoolers received a special treat when AJ Azqueta arrived and installed our new garden beds with help from the owners of Lox Farms, Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Franck Duriez. AJ then returned to the Lower Campus the following Tuesday, November 6th, to give a presentation to the students about gardening. After much discussion, the students in grades Kindergarten through Third were able to select the type of plants they wanted in their garden beds.

On November 14th, AJ returned with another gardener, John Pizer, as well as Margaret and Franck Duriez, and together they all helped the students plant the garden beds. It was a fun- filled morning with everyone in gardening clothes getting dirty hands.

An irrigation system was installed in the new beds and we will soon be able to water the garden using an app. With the time-lapse setting on our GoPro, we plan to make a video of the plants growing over time. We also are hoping to film the creature that is nibbling on some of our plant leaves. The Kindergarten will be managing a worm composter that we received through a Roots and Shoots Grant made possible by the Jane Goodall Foundation.

The Pre-Primary and Primary students will have an opportunity to plant their beds located next to the Pitt building after the Thanksgiving break. This project was made possible by the generous contributions from the Duriez family and AJ Azqueta. Their passion for organic gardening is an inspiration for us all.

Our students will be checking the daily progress of the garden beds, waiting for the day when they will enjoy harvesting and eating fresh vegetables.