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National Junior Honor Society Inducts 13 New Members

Posted on: September 26, 2019

On the morning of Thursday, September 26, Palm Beach Day Academy formally welcomed 13 new members into the National Junior Honor Society, the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program.

The Qualifications

The induction ceremony recognized students in 8th and 9th grade who have consistently earned above a 90 average, maintained 1s and 2s in Effort, and completed at least 10 hours of community service during their last trimester. For the first time, this year’s inductees were also asked to complete an application that included a personal essay, letters of recommendation and a resume of service and leadership roles.

In addition to the strong academic records that established the eligibility for membership, PBDA’s NJHS members are leaders in many student organizations and serve our school and community through peer tutoring, a fun-filled movie night, and fundraising for local charities.

The Five Qualities of NJHS

Newly-elected NJHS President Mei Visconti led the ceremony and invited members of the chapter to the podium to speak of the five qualities that serve as standards for the national society. Vice President Alexis Koch presented “Scholarship,” Secretary Annie Soper presented “Service,” Treasurer Chloe Levine presented “Character,” Roger Ramos presented “Citizenship,” and Bertie Azqueta presented “Leadership.”

Finally, Head of School Fanning Hearon took to the podium to share his belief of pushing students outside of their comfort zone. When applying to the Head of School role at PBDA, he was asked to share a statement about his philosophy on education. During his speech at this morning’s induction ceremony, Hearon spoke of this philosophy, reading it in its entirety, before expanding upon its meaning with the audience.

“Students need powerful experiences and inspiring mentors who will challenge them to ponder their own identity and their place on this planet,” said Hearon. “What is gained from these experiences is ultimately the combination of empathy and self-knowledge. Allowing children to explore and form their own identity amidst an inspiring education climate is the true gift of an independent school education.”

We are proud of this record of accomplishment and welcome these 13 new members into the National Junior Honor Society at PBDA, each bringing with them a renewed energy in support of our efforts!

Congratulations to the following ’19-’20 NJHS inductees:

8th Grade 
Bertie Azqueta
Garvey Beall
James Caprio
Marin Cvelbar
Cameron Emmer
Caroline Johnson
Alexis Koch – Vice President
Carter Leidy
Chloe Levine – Treasurer
Teddy Orthwein
Roger Ramos
Annie Soper – Secretary

9th Grader
Madisen Williams

Returning Members (9th Graders inducted last year)
Kate Griffin
Ella Pastore
Mei Visconti – President