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PBDA’s 2018 Faculty Holiday Celebration Began in the Quantum House Kitchen.

Posted on: December 10, 2018

Palm Beach Day Academy teachers spent the first half of their holiday party preparing dinner for the families who are staying at Quantum House this holiday season.  Quantum House is a facility at St. Mary’s Hospital that exists to provide housing for the families of children and young adults who are undergoing extensive surgeries at St. Mary’s.  It is designed, as much as possible, to be a home away from home for dozens of temporary residents.  To achieve that, Quantum House relies, in part, on the generosity of local organizations to provide home-cooked meals for the residents.  PBDA students have frequently been part of that generosity for nearly 10 years.

Saturday, December 8 was PBDA faculty’s turn in the kitchen, where some prepared a chicken dinner with mac ’n’ cheese, rice, salad, grilled vegetables, fruit salad and dessert for nearly 70 children and adults, while others made crafts with resident children.  The teachers who prepared the meal entertained the children, knew that the people they were cooking for may be far from home, often separated from other family members, and involved with serious medical concerns.  For those families, the simple kindness of a hot meal is a powerful message from our local community.  PBDA’s faculty is proud to be part of that message of hope and support, and is grateful to the Bulldog Outreach team of Katy Thompson, Christi Chane and Casey Kegelman for organizing the faculty volunteers.

Following the group cooking effort, the faculty gathered back at school on the Lower Campus to enjoy their annual holiday celebration together.