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PBDA’s 4th & 6th Graders Featured in Service Learning Documentary

Posted on: November 28, 2018

On Tuesday, November 27, PBDA’s 4th and 6th graders enjoyed a premier viewing of “A Project for the Planet,” a Schoolyard Films documentary that featured them when they were in 2nd and 4th grade. Tom Fitz, the executive director of Schoolyard Films was on hand to introduce the film. Also present were Dave Makepeace, a marine biologist who appeared in the documentary and Glenn Allen, “A Project for the Planet” producer.

The documentary was about service learning – school projects that involve students in finding solutions to real-world problems. PBDA’s efforts to restore a native species of Apple Snail to Florida’s wetlands was one of the featured service learning projects. PBDA’s Erin Mitchell began the Apple Snail project in 2016 with her 4th Grade students who actually raised snails for release in the Everglades. The students learned that the reduced population of the native species of Apple Snails has been caused by lose of habitat, and has, as a consequence, reduced the populations of birds that feed on them. “A Project for the Planet” documents the process from raising the snails in our classrooms to releasing them and planting cypress tress to improve their habitat.

The 4th Graders and 6th Graders enjoyed watching themselves doing real Everglades restoration work and also enjoyed knowing that their efforts are available for others to see. Visit the Schoolyard Films website to watch the documentary.

Following the presentation of the documentary, Alicia Torres, Coordinator of Educational Programs & Training at Pine Jog Environmental Education Center, presented Erin with the Everglades Foundation’s 2018 Silver Level School banner which identifies PBDA as an Everglades Champion School.