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The Annual Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnic

Posted on: November 16, 2019

This fall, PBDA’s Kindergarten students were each asked to bring in a teddy bear to participate in various teddy bear-themed projects. On Friday, November 15, the teddy bears suddenly went missing. After searching high and low throughout the Palm Beach Day Academy Lower Campus, students were finally reunited with their bears for the surprise annual PBDA Teddy Bear Picnic, held outside on the Lower Campus playground.

Upon spotting their bears, students quickly ran to reunite with their bears where each sat proudly on a plaid picnic blanket, tied to a colorful ribbon and surrounded by teddy bear-themed books. Waiting in the wings were Kindergarten class parents, ready to enjoy a themed lunch with their student on a beautiful fall day.

A school tradition for PBDA’s Kindergarteners, the Teddy Bear Picnic is just one of many teddy bear-themed projects that are held throughout the school year for the students, providing the perfect combination of play and learning. Activities like the Gummy Bear experiment introduces the students to the Scientific Method and the art of making predictions. A spring field trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop encourages students to apply their developed math skills and learn more about money, budgeting, time, sorting and graphing.

Keep scrolling for pictures from the 2019 Teddy Bear Picnic: