Get Involved as a Parent

Palm Beach Day Academy is a true family school.

Parents are welcome on campus, and in classrooms, any day at any time. Their presence is particularly encouraged at Friday flag assemblies and other school events, including our annual Field Day.

PBDA teachers consider PBDA parents to be equal, valued partners in a child’s education, because family involvement not only maintains the high standards of the school, but also provides rewarding experiences for children and parents.

Parent School Council (PSC)

Parents are invited to show their support through participation in PBDA’s Parent School Council. All parents of enrolled students are members, and there are no dues.

Volunteerism is a longstanding tradition at Palm Beach Day Academy, and there is an opportunity for every parent to get involved.

For a list of all parent volunteer opportunities available to those on both campuses for the 2021-2022 school year, please visit the ‘Parent Student Council’ Resource Board in your Bulldog Den.

All parents are invited to attend the monthly PSC Meetings, held at 8:30 a.m. and located on alternating campuses. Please see below for the full list of PSC Meetings for the 2021-2022 school year:

Tuesday, October 5Lower Campus Discovery
Tuesday, November 30Upper Campus Library
Tuesday, January 11Lower Campus Discovery
Thursday, March 10 (Special Committee only)Lower Campus Discovery
Tuesday, April 5Lower Campus Discovery
Tuesday, May 24Upper Campus Library

PSC Executive Committee Contact List 2021-2022

PresidentChristina Macfarland ’
Vice President (Lower)Gabrielle
Vice President (Upper)Valerie
Programs ChairpersonElizabeth
Programs Vice-Chair (Lower)Sarah
Programs Vice-Chair (Upper)Carmen
Parent Representative (Lower)Kate
Parent Representative (Upper)Jennifer
Head of SchoolFanning
Past PresidentLyanne Azqueta ’
Board of Trustees LiaisonCaroline
School Liaison (Lower)Martha
School Liaison (Upper)Sarah

The mission of the council is two-fold: fostering communication among constituents of the school community and serving the school in non-academic functions, which are always family affairs.

PSC Committees

Some parents are eager to give their time but are only able to do so from home and as their schedule permits. This allows flexibility for those who want to help.  

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 9

Committee Contact: Elizabeth DeBrule

Members of this Committee will be asked to help organize various PBDA events that take place throughout the year on the Lower Campus.

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 3

Committee Contact: Elizabeth DeBrule

The PBDA Lower Campus holds an annual week-long Book Fair for Lower Campus students, as well as 4th and 5th grades. This year, we will partner with Scholastic to order books and displays for the Fair. 

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 5

Committee Contact: Juliana Gendelman

This annual tradition for Lower Campus students invites students’ grandparents or special friends (aunts and uncles, etc.) to attend a special presentation on the Lower Campus and spend time with them in their classroom.

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 3

Committee Contact: Jennifer Lazzara

Parent volunteers are needed to help with a third grade party in the garden at The Society of the Four Arts. Volunteers will serve cold drinks and popsicles to students as they take a short break on their symbolic “Bridge Walk” from the Lower Campus to the Upper Campus.

Grades: Grade 3

Committee Contact: Stephanie Walker (PBDA Third Grade teacher)

Parent volunteers organize this week-long event intended to share our love and appreciation for PBDA’s faculty and staff. The Committee works together to deliver special treats, snacks, and goodie bags to each of the faculty and staff members on both campuses on each day throughout the week.

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 9

Committee Contacts: Gabrielle Brulte and Valerie Frost

Parent volunteers are needed to engage local businesses to support PBDA through the corporate sponsorship of special events. PBDA’s corporate sponsors are an important component of the School’s annual fundraising effort. Depending on the sponsorship level, corporate sponsors are featured on our website and social media channels and are given prominent placement at our most public-facing PBDA events.

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 9

Committee Contact: Meghan Monteiro (PBDA Director of Philanthropy)

Volunteers are needed to assist with the setup, sales, and cleanup of the PBDA Bulldog Spirit Shop. Volunteers are also asked to weigh in on branded items to stock.

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 9

Committee Contact: Meghan Monteiro (PBDA Director of Philanthropy)

Volunteers are needed to organize uniform donations and prepare and run the Used Uniform Sale before the start of school. Volunteers must be available during the month of August.

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 9

Committee Contact: Dorothea Cvelbar (PBDA Associate Director of Admission)

Volunteers are needed to assist with various admission events and initiatives throughout the year which may include the New Parent Cocktail Party, Parent Links, creating and distributing new student welcome bags, and more. 

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 9

Committee Contact: Stephanie Filauro (PBDA Director of Admission)

Parent volunteers are critical to the success of PBDA’s fundraising events. Volunteers are needed both in-person and remotely to support all aspects of the event from back-end data entry to hands-on event set-up. Parents are asked to help with ideas and coordinate fundraising activities for the night of the event. 

Grades: Pre-Primary through Grade 9

Committee Contact: Mac Jackson (PBDA Associate Director of Philanthropy)