Drop-Off and Dismissal


Student drop-off on the Lower Campus is between 7:45am and 8:15am for K-3, and 8am and 8:30am for Pre-Primary and Primary.

There are two dismissals: our Half Day Dismissal at approximately 12:30pm for Pre-Primary and Primary, and our Full Day Dismissal from 2:45pm – 3:15pm for K-3.

Lower Campus Dismissal Procedures
  • All Pre-Primary students remain in their classrooms. One teacher from each class, and the security guard, watch for the pick-up persons arrival. Upon arrival, the student is escorted to the vehicle and buckled into the appropriate car seat by the teacher or security guard.
  • All Half Day Primary students report to the Breezeway and are supervised by one teacher from each classroom. When the pick-up person arrives, one teacher will escort the student to the car and buckle the student into the appropriate car seat.
  • Full Day Dismissal: Students report to the Breezeway where a teacher calls out names as the pick-up person arrives. Students are escorted to their car by a teacher. At 3:15pm, students who have not been pick-up report to Aftercare in the cafeteria (K-3) or the Primary Room 103 (Pre-Primary and Primary). To pick-up from Aftercare, the pick-up person either reports to the security guard or Aftercare Director outside, who will then call for the student to be sent down.
Sign-Out and Pick-Up Permission Forms
  • Pre-Primary and Primary: Any person who is dropping off or picking up a student must sign the provided sign-in and sign-out sheet.
  • All grades on Lower Campus: Any person who is picking up a student must be on our Pick-Up Permission Form. We will not release any student to someone we do not recognize, or without parent permission.


Student drop-off is on Seaview Avenue between 7:00am and 7:55am each weekday morning. Afternoon dismissal is at 3pm. At this time, students who are being picked up report to the cafeteria where a teacher calls out last names as the cars arrive on Seaview. Students are alerted once their driver arrives.

At 3:15pm, students who have not yet been picked up report to the library. Parents are asked to call the school upon arrival and their child will be sent down and met at the front of the Seaview building by the parent.