October 29, 2020 | Bulldog Blog
Navigating Change in COVID-19 Climate

Written by Hayley Schapiro, LCSW, Social Sense Palm Beach

Hayley Schapiro hosted a virtual PBDA On Topic for the community via Zoom on October 21, sharing her expert tips on coping with change in our new COVID-19 climate. Schapiro explored how our new reality in a COVID-19 climate has affected both children and adults, and actionable tools that parents can use to improve positive thinking in a time of so much change.

Both parents and children continue to be challenged by the ongoing pandemic crisis. As we adapt and persevere, it helps to be mindful of strategies and routines we can incorporate in our parenting as we foster new and constructive habits for our children.

Parents can be supportive by following some of the below suggestions:

Acknowledge and affirm positive experiences and emotions

Recognize and support coping mechanisms during play and dialogue.
Adapt to circumstances, and modify your idea as to what makes for a “good day.”

Teach and reinforce preventative actions

Set examples to your children and aim to be a good role model for prudent health habits.
Reward wariness concerning risks.

Emphasize security without fear

Expect attachment styles to change.
Order, routine, and execution need not be stifling.
Right-size goal setting, keeping in mind that small-steps are often good ones.

Stay practical about what can be controlled

Refrain from frequent “catastrophizing.”
Understand that a problem solved may not be forever.
Planning for the worst or the best is risky. Safety is found in a range of possible outcomes.

Help children remain socially connected

Safely try old and new modalities.
Adapt old behaviors to new realities.

Stay vigilant about recognizing new patterns of behaviors

Remember that not all cues are verbal.
Confirm concerning changes with others having proximity and contact.

Remain honest and transparent

Share what you know and what you do not in an age-appropriate manner.
Mind your own emotions and what you convey non-verbally.
Maintain optimism and hope.

Hayley C. Schapiro Bio: 

Hayley Schapiro PBDA On Topic

Hayley C. Schapiro, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida and New York. Hayley graduated from Columbia University in New York City. Her expertise is individual psychotherapy, case consult, and evaluation. Hayley is the owner and lead clinician at Social Sense Palm Beach, an evidence-based private practice which offers social, emotional, behavioral, and educational support to clients and families.Hayley worked as a psychometrician in a clinic overseen by a large hospital network in New York City. There she provided diagnostic clarity for families and facilitated their transition to community-based services. Hayley was trained in administering assessments at New York Presbyterian Hospital: Center for Autism and the Developing Brain. Prior, Hayley worked in multiple school environments, where she provided individual mental health support, crisis intervention, teacher training, and group counseling.