Upper Campus Enrichment

Palm Beach Day Academy offers after-school enrichment opportunities for children who are eager to discover and explore new interests. Our safe and structured environment encourages students to feel empowered to try new things while building their confidence and teamwork skills.

Winter ’20
  • Enrollment and Registration: Enrollment is on a first-come, first serve note. Registration is OPEN. Click Here to view class descriptions and prices. 
  • Dates: January 13 through February 28, 2020.
  • Payment: Payment is made online during registration.
  • Additional Information: For class time, price, and location please see individual class description.
  • Pick-up: We ask you to promptly pick up your child at the time specified for each class. Late pick-up fees may apply. Teachers will communicate to parents directly in regards to cancellations, room changes and any other important information. Parents should also communicate directly to the teacher in charge of the class with any questions or concerns. Classes may be canceled if enrollment is too low. All money will be credited to student account.
Spring ’20

Check back soon for Spring 2020 Enrichment updates!

For questions, please contact our Upper Campus Enrichment Coordinator, Grace Gunkel.