February 06, 2018 |
Student Leadership Council Carnival

PBDA’s Student Leadership Council members started the year determined to revive the Carnival, after it was dropped from the school calendar a couple of years ago.  SLC sponsors, Valentina Gabrielli and Olympia Bishop, listened to the students’ enthusiastic and convincing carnival sales pitch, took a deep breath and agreed to organize the whole-school event.  With the help of other student and faculty volunteers,  the Student Council members planned games and activities for all ages, secured snacks and prizes, hired a carnival supplier to provide a bounce house, dunk tank, cotton candy and popcorn machines, and organized the volunteers to man the games, paint faces, sell and collect tickets and spool the cotton candy.

Then, for two hours on Friday, February 2, the school community showed up for a family friendly party that had something for everybody.  Children from 1st to 9th Grade, along with their parents, spread out across the East Field for an afternoon games and friendship.  The largest crowd lined up around the dunk tank to either watch teachers take a plunge into a barrel of ice water, or to try their hand at making that happen.

Ten minutes into the afternoon, Olympia and Valentina knew they had made the right call when they agreed with the Student Council members that the Carnival was a great idea.  From the very beginning it was a classic Palm Beach Day family event with students, parents, faculty and friends sharing a an afternoon of fun and building memories together.

The Carnival lives on!