March 04, 2020 | News
Students Compete at Regional Science Olympiad Competition

Ten students in Grades 6th through 8th at Palm Beach Day Academy participated in this year’s Science Olympiad competition, held at FAU’s campus in Boca Raton on Saturday, February 29.

Held locally every February at Florida Atlantic University, Science Olympiad is a national science tournament that invites teams from local high schools (division C) and middle schools (division B) to compete in different areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The elementary school competition (division A) will be held this May. In addition to FAU’s competition, approximately 300 other competitions take place across the U.S. at the same time. Last year nationally, there were 7,800 teams and over 300,000 students that competed. Last year’s local FAU competition included 60 teams and nearly 800 students.

Each school team consists of up to 15 students and one or two coaches. Typically, two students from the team will compete in any given event and may also compete in other events. Events range from knowledge-based events (written tests) and hands-on tests (various lab experiments) to engineer-based (construct a device) and more. The top performers from each state tournament move on to a national event.

For PBDA’s team, the Leap Day competition was filled to the brim with excitement and encouragement from fellow teammates. We’re so proud of all of the hard work and camaraderie our team demonstrated from start to finish.

Students competed in the following events:

  • Aiden Conde and Omar Dahabra: Disease Detectives (2nd Place)
  • Evan Fanberg and Nico Pfeifler: Boomilever (5th Place)
  • Bertie Azqueta and Chloe Osborn: Water Quality (6th Place)
  • Boa Lee and Katherine Pottash: Ornithology (7th Place)
  • Ryan Petcove and Omar Dahabra: Crime Busters (10th Place)
  • Ryan Petcove and Olivia Vipond: Reach for the Start (10th Place)
  • Evan Fanberg and Nico Pfeifler: Game On (10th Place)