February 07, 2020 | News
Students help MANG plant over 4,200 mangroves in one day
On Wednesday, February 5, over 50 Palm Beach Day Academy students in the 8th and 9th grades spent their afternoon at the nursery of our partners at MANG to help in the organization’s efforts to restore our coastal environment.

In the span of a mere hour and a half, students – with the help of the MANG staff and PBDA faculty – planted 4,200 Red Mangrove propagules in the MANG nursery. These Mangrove propagules are the seeds that drop from the trees, often seen floating in our local South Florida estuaries and inter-coastal waterways. The propagules continue to grow in the nursery until they are ready to be planted in a coastal habitat. 

The service-learning event was both an opportunity for students to assist in MANG’s mission to restore Florida’s mangrove coasts, but also to learn more about the importance of mangroves, their positive impact on our environment, and why it is crucial that we work diligently together to preserve, protect and restore our coastal habitats. 

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