Annual Fund

Enhance the student experience by participating in the Annual Fund. Be a part of the PBDA difference.

The Annual Fund is a Palm Beach Day Academy tradition and the most impactful fundraising effort each year. Like most independent schools, the Annual Fund is a critical part of our school’s finances and directly supports the annual operating budget. Contributions enrich every area of student life; they allow the school to maintain its superior education by providing funding for enriching programs, state-of-the-art technology, competitive salaries combined with professional development opportunities for our teachers, and diversity of the student body through financial assistance. The collective support of parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends is what makes our community thrive.

Palm Beach Day Academy strives for 100% of families to participate in the Annual Fund each year. High participation inspires others and shows the strength of the PBDA community and a shared commitment to its students.

Your tax-deductible gift can be made with a check, stock, credit card, or online by clicking the button above. Many companies offer matching gift programs, a wonderful way to double or even triple your gift amount! 

For more information, please contact Meghan Monteiro, Director of Philanthropy, at [email protected] or 561.651.1188.


Thank you to our generous faculty, staff, trustees,  families, and friends who have supported this year’s Annual Fund!

1921 Society $100,000+

Frank and Laura Baker

Trustee Society $50,000-$99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Capello
Mr. Ara Cohen
Grant & Allyson Mashek
The Zoumas Family

Faculty Society $20,000-$49,999

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Alexander
Dixon and Arriana Boardman
Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crespi
Ms. Alexandra Garrison Neville
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Grace Jr.
Bart Halpern and Lawrence Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Herbst
Jack C. Massey Foundation / Mrs. Barbara Massey Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Kalisman / A. Alfred Taubman Foundation
Mr. Sidney Lassen – Lassen Family Foundation
Constance and David Littman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kevin McNamara
Mr. Ambrose K. Monell ’69 & Mrs. Lili Crichton Monell ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rafferty
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Savage
The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc.
The OPTIMA Charitable Foundation

Honor Society $10,000 – $19,999

Julian and Christy Bharti
Mr. Nelson Calle and Ms. Ana Caballero
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Canet
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Demark
Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley and Dr. Christopher M. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fennebresque
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Galligan
Juliana Gendelman & Christopher J. Goldberg
Goldman Sachs Gives
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hesse
Kristen and David Lambert
Christina Matthews Macfarland ’98 & Benjamin Macfarland
Mrs. John B. McCracken
Dede Shook Merck ’71 & George Merck
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Musumeci
Molly and Douglas Simmons
Erik and Casey Waldin
Wells Family Foundation, Inc.
Cynthia and Michael Wilburn
Ms. Ellyn Zylstra

Flamingo & Pelican $5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adams
Alton Foundation
Robert and Chao Ambrosi
Arthur J and Mary C Lerman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Samir Bonomo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cornell
Diebold Family
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kahan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krusen
Chris Lazzara ’92 & Jennifer Lazzara
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Levy
Anna & Sean Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Munder
Mr. Remy Trafelet and Lady Melissa Trafelet
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Ward

Bridge Society $2,500-$4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Alexander, Jr.
Margie Betten ’92 and Christian Siegrist
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Coleman
Josh and Victoria Harlan
Mr. Fanning Hearon
The Hoffman Family / Patti and Michael Hoffman Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Holmes III
Mr. Scott A. Johnson ’79 & Mrs. Kristy Johnson
Mrs. Phyllis Kirwan
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Leidy III
Anne and Bill Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Pertnoy
The Ryan Family
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sandell
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Speiser
The Double Eagle Foundation
John Wean III ’66 & Susanne Cole Wean ’67

Bulldog Society $1,000-$2,499

Merrilyn Bardes ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beall, Jr.
BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund
Michelle Bonomo
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Bridger
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Chane
Joe and Alex Chase
Robert Douglass and Whitney Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Griswold
Mr. Roberto Haberfeld and Mrs. Grecia De Oliveira Haberfeld
Dana and Seth Hall
The Hamilton Family
Dr. & Mrs. Josef Huainigg
Mrs. Eliane Leuwenkroon in honor of Adam and Nikita Strosberg
Jessica Marchetti
Tracy Markin
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Monteiro
Mr. Mark Passler
Timothy Ridley
Mr. William H. Sned III
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Swann
Mr. and Mrs. Trent Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Volling
Whitehall Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Ms. Jason Winstanley
Mr. and Mrs. Worth
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Zubatkin

Friend to $999

Anonymous (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Anderson
Jennifer & Antonio Andreon
Veronica Arizabaleta
Danielle Aronson
Brianna Balas
Kimberley Belfi
Mr. Otto Bergés
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Bieneman
Martha and Bradford Bjorklund
Mr. and Mrs. Kahlil Bond
Mr. Matteo Bozic and Mrs. Elena Pachor
Mr. and Mrs. Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bryan
Ms. Lorena Calvo and Mr. Bronson Barnett
Julissa Carlson
Ms. Stephanie Carruthers
Kristian and Allison Charnick
Morgan Chiappone
Rebecca Choron
Sue Chris
Paul & Linda Cicio
Shealyn Connell
Jennifer Connolly
Ms. Corso
Andrew Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Cody Crowell
Joe and Dorothea Cvelbar
Marin Cvelbar ’20
Ms. Lauren Doherty
Professor and Mrs. Paul du Quenoy
Mr. and Mrs. David Dutkewych
Ms. Katherine Duvnjak
Amanda Elkin
Mrs. Ellender
Thomas, Wispeny and Mandy Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Evans
Mr. and Ms. Alex Falk
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Fanberg
Mr. Kevin Feeley
Mr. Jon Fejes
Sue Fan & Tom Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Filauro
Claudie Finney
Nina & Fabrizio Flaminio
Mr. & Mrs. R. Leigh Frackelton, Jr.
Gary & Jane Frucci
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gallagher
Joan Gangi
Gerard & Melissa George
Elena Vilar-Giudice
Alxy Gomez
Jim & Nancy Gramentine
Ms. Nicole Granitto
Mrs. Patricia Griffin
Emily Griffith
Grace Gunkel ‘05
Ms. Therese Hair
Craig P. Harte ’78
Pamela Ha-Stevenson
Virginia L Hearon
Rita Hessel
Mr. and Mrs. Luster Hobbs
Jenna Hoogstra
Ms. Jen Howard
Andrew Hoyt
Leslie Bryant Hume ’65
Mr. Paul Husken
Mr. Mac Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson
Mrs. Hope Haskell Jones ’52
Allyson Jordan
Joan & Avery Klann
Paulette Koch
Lyndsay Koerber
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kosarek
Tracy A. Kramm ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Page Leidy
Madeleine Liter
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lucchesi
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Luppens
Mary C. Macfarland
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Maligno
Nora Mansour
Caroline Marino
Connor Marr
Ashley Marron
Cyrus Massoumi ’91
G. Peter M. McCurrach ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McDermott
Mrs. Nicole McGivney
Danielle Wyser-Pratte Meagher ’88 & Kevin Meagher
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Quattrocchi
Linda Merman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Mitchell
Amy Moffatt
Glenda Moffatt
Stephen & Marguerite Morrell
Josh Morrison
Michael and Anne Murphy
Mr. Josh Murray
Mr. Chris Niebling
Kelley Nugent
Mrs. Tabbatha O’Donnell
Derek & Phatavanh Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ooten
Mehmet & Ilkay Ozgenc
Jonathan Paine
Mr. and Mrs. James Paine
Mr. & Mrs. Paraschiv
Tamara Gorfine Petrelli ’92
Michael & Cindy Pflaumer
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Piester
Kimmy Primo
Steven and Nicole Quattrocchi
John Rauchut
Catherine Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rearic
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Remington
Ms. Martha Julia Renderos
Miguel & Barbara Reyes
Janira Reza
Brett Rosecan ’02
Jennifer Sabugo
Mr. & Mrs. John Sayer
Pete & Erin Sayer
Kyle Schlett
Katie Segerdahl
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sellers
Mrs. Shahine Shams
Ms. Vonreya Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Sheen
Olympia Shields ’97
Jade-Elizabeth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Sobel
Mrs. Sara Stapleton
Ms. Stockman
Mrs. Phyllis Supple
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Tarpey
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Thomason Sr.
Jack & Shirley Thompson
Mr. Michael Tinari
UBS Matching Gifts Program
Maria Velez
Leslie Whitaker
Pam Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wolff
Ms. Ashley Woodbury
Dario M. Zagar ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zingaro
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Zinn

* List updated regularly.
Please contact [email protected] if your name should be listed and does not appear.