Annual Fund

Help our students achieve more by participating in the Annual Fund.

What is the PBDA Annual Fund?

Palm Beach Day Academy’s Annual Fund is the money that is needed for the current-year operating expenses. Annual gifts make up the difference between what tuition covers (85%) and the actual cost of running the school.

What does it buy?

The Annual Fund provides teaching tools, academic innovative programming that includes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics), as well as continuing professional development for the faculty.

Every gift to the Annual Fund has an immediate and significant impact, and your participation in the fund reflects the strength of the PBDA community and a shared commitment to its students.


What is the PBDA Annual Fund?

The PBDA Annual Fund is made up of charitable donations to cover expenses not met by tuition alone. Like all independent schools, Palm Beach Day Academy does not charge the full amount that it costs to educate a student. In fact, only 85% of the operating expenses are covered by tuition revenue.

PBDA depends on the generosity of the parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, administration and friends to support and enrich its programs and curricula by funding our Annual Fund each year.

Why is the Annual Fund important?

The Annual Fund is built into Palm Beach Day Academy’s yearly operating budget and supports and enhances all aspects of our programs. The following are areas funded by generous gifts to our Annual Fund:

  • Academic Programs
  • Professional Development
  • Technology and Innovation
  • PBDA’s Greatest Need
Why doesn’t Palm Beach Day Academy simply raise tuition?

The Annual Fund allows us to set tuition lower than it might otherwise be in order to keep the school more affordable for all of our families. As a community, we believe this practice helps us build the type of inclusive school we all wish to have, rather than simply raising tuition to cover all operating expenses.

Contributions are 100% tax deductible. Tuition payments are not.

Will my gift make a difference?

All gifts to the Annual Fund – regardless of size – are a statement of support for Palm Beach Day Academy’s mission.

Your gift says to our community and beyond that you value your child’s Palm Beach Day Academy experience and you want to invest in the continued financial health of our school.

100% of all PBDA teachers, staff and administration give to the Annual Fund every year before school begins.

Our goal is to have 100% participation from our families as well.

How much should I give and when?

As you consider your gift to this year’s Annual Fund, please keep in mind that all gifts make a difference and 100% participation ensures we have a committed community of families.

Whether $100 or $100,000, your gift will be put to immediate use for the benefit of today’s students. We encourage families to give as generously as they are able and ask current PBDA parents to make Palm Beach Day Academy their top philanthropic priority. We ask everyone in our community to make a gift or pledge to the Annual Fund each year. Payment on pledges for the 2020-2021 school year should be made on or before June 30, 2021. Early gifts and pledges reduce mailings and overhead costs, saving Annual Fund dollars for use in Academic Programs, Athletics and other programs.

PBDA’s Giving Societies include:

  • $100,000+ | 1921 Society
  • $50,000-$99,999 | Trustee Society
  • $20,000-$49,999 | Faculty Society
  • $15,000-$19,999 | Honor Society
  • $10,000-$14,999 | Palm Society
  • $5,000-$9,999 | Flamingo & Pelican Society
  • $2,500-$4,999 | Bridge Society
  • $1,000-$2,499| Bulldog Society
  • $500-$999 | Blue & Gold Society
  • Friend to $499
How does PBDA handle requests and planned gifts?

The 1921 Society honors those alumni, parents and friends who have generously made a bequest provision or planned gift commitment to PBDA in their estate plans.

Please contact Meghan Monteiro, Director of Philanthropy, at ( for more information.

How do I give to the Annual Fund?

Your tax-deductible gift can be made with a check, stock, credit card or online by clicking the yellow button above.

Many companies offer matching gift programs, a wonderful way to double or even triple your gift amount!

For more information, please contact Meghan Monteiro, Director of Philanthropy, at or 561.651.1188.


Thank you to our generous faculty, staff, trustees,  families and friends who have supported this year’s Annual Fund!

1921 Society $100,000+
Trustee Society $50,000-$99,999

Ambassador Robert W. Johnson IV and Mrs. Suzanne Johnson
Grant Mashek ’95 and Allyson Mashek
Mr. Oliver Quinn and Mrs. Sara Groff
Mr. and Mrs. Ara Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baker II
Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Kalisman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lignelli
Ms. Perri Brenner
Todd and Elizabeth Robinson Savage ’83

Faculty Society $20,000-$49,999

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Lassen- Lassen Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Overman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pfeifler
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Mondre
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lis
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Sadrian
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Alexander
Mr. Christopher D. Orthwein ’85 & Mrs. Binkie Orthwein
Mrs. Barbara Massey Rogers
Ms. Alexandra Neville
Stacy & Keith Palagye
The Mullen Family Foundation
Vanessa Rooks-Stefanski and Marc Stefanski
William M. Matthews ’67 & Jean Matthews

Honor Society $15,000 – $19,999

Mr. Bart Halpern and Mr. Lawrence Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rafferty

Palm Society $10,000 – $14,999

Brian & Andrea Kosoy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Herbst
Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Boardman
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Smerling
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Borchardt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fennebresque
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bonner
Mr. and Mrs. James McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mauck
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LaNasa, III
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Duffie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bickford
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Galligan
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Grace III
Mr. and Mrs. Raj Alva
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Roman Martinez IV
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Safro
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Webb
Mr. H. Anthony Ittleson & Mrs. Chandler Mashek Ittleson
Mr. Pepe Fanjul, Jr. ’86 & Mrs. Lourdes Fanjul
Ms. Elizabeth Wolfe
Nicole Robinson Menges ’88 & James Menges–Menges Family Foundation
The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc.
Valerie and Gregory Frost

Flamingo & Pelican Society $5,000 – $9,999

Ana Caballero and Nelson Calle
Anand & Mina Patel
Ben & Katie Alexander
Carmen Sosin
Chris Lazzara ’92 & Jennifer Lazzara
Donna & Robert Lloyd George
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Patipa
Gita & Mark Costa
Matthew & Helene Lorentzen
Mr. & Mrs. Avram Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Demark
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Munder
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Macfarland
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ooten
Mr. and Mrs. David Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Dow Famulak
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Stern
Mr. and Mrs. George Cloutier
Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor V
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Bharti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Prescott Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Shawger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crespi
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hesse
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tucciarone
Mr. Christopher Goldberg and Ms. Juliana Gendelman
Mr. Scott A. Johnson ’79 & Mrs. Kristy Johnson
The Mulroy Family
The Petcove Family

Bridge Society $2,500-$4,999

Alton Foundation
Caroline Koons Forrest ’92 & Thomas Forrest
Charles & Amanda Schumacher
Eric Christu & Maura Ziska Christu
John Wean III ’66 & Susanne Cole Wean ’67
Margie Betten ’92 and Christian Siegrist
Mr. Ambrose K. Monell ’69 & Mrs. Lili Chrichton Monell ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fairbanks
Mr. and Mrs. David N.E. Heath
Mr. and Mrs. David Supple
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strausser
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Volling
Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Musumeci
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Kenny, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael De Nigris
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sandell
Mr. and Mrs. Tal Bar-or
Mr. Carl Gregory
Mr. Fanning Hearon
Mr. JM Diebold and Mrs. Belinda Kamm
Mr. Michael Aram and Mrs. Aret Tikiryan
Mr. Racso Bartra and Mrs. Ursula Macchiavello
Mrs. Gloria Daigh

Bulldog Society $1,000-$2,499

Adam R. Boalt ’91
Angel Arroyo & Dr. Irma Morales
Beth & Greg Moross
Brian & Laura Carr
Dana Koch ’87 & Jessica Koch
Dawn Donigan
Dean & Christine Goodman
Dr. G. Alexander Carden and Mrs. Stephanie Carden ’79
Dr. & Mrs. Josef Huainigg
Dr. and Dr. Kevin Taylor
George G. Matthews ’55
Graham M. Russell
J.B. Murray ’81 & Carrie Murray
Kathy & Paul Leone
Marty List ’74 & Karen List
Michelle & Samir Bonomo
Mr. A. G. Newmyer III
Mr. George B. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Avery Klann
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Pottash
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Monteiro
Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Brulte
Mr. and Mrs. Georgios Partheniou
Mr. and Mrs. James Paine
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Tracey
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirwan
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Chane
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cvelbar
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Grace III
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Psak
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Tarpey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Douglas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Pertnoy
Mr. and Mrs. Seth W. Hall Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Visage
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. William Sned III
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary B. Read
Mr. Chris Heine and Ms. Wendi Miller
Mr. George B. Post
Mr. Jeff Giesea
Mr. Jeff Turner & Dr. Cassandra Onofrey
Mr. Josh Murray
Mr. Paul L. Maddock Jr.
Mr. Thomas O. McCarthy
Mr. William Caler, Jr.
Mr. Zachary Potter
Mrs. Blair Bissett Beall ’64 & Mr. Kenneth S. Beall, Jr.
Mrs. Brittain Cudlip
Mrs. Eliane Leuwenkroon in honor of Adam and Nikita Strosberg
Mrs. Millie Dayton Levine ’87 & Mr. Eric Levine
Mrs. Tracy Markin
Mrs. Valerie Straith
Ms. Maura M. Koons
Ms. Victoria Willard
Richard & Tricia Taylor
Ruben & Lisa Avila
Ryan & Amy Bridger

Blue & Gold $500-$999

Angie McDonald
Ann Louise Erickson ’76
Carter & Marie Leidy
Dimitrios & Antigoni Panagoulias
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Lotfi
Elizabeth O. Savage
Emily & John Rafferty
Eunice Lampkin-Stellrecht
Goldman Sachs Gives
Hunter Beall ’91 & Christine Beall
Kahlil & Kimberly Bond
Kevin Lamb
Leslie Bryant Hume ’65
Leslie Whitaker
Lyanne Azqueta ’84
Markus Nolff
Miss Callie Baker
Miss Christina Conrad
Miss Michaela Stupkova
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Hancock
Mr. Alex Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Filauro
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. David Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Hallinan
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cardinale
Mr. and Mrs. J. William Metzger, Jr. & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Page Leidy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Geisler
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Tarpey
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Quattrocchi
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Schapiro
Mr. Anh Ton and Mrs. Thuy Tran
Mr. Christian Siegrist and Ms. Margaret Betten
Mr. John Steinle
Mr. Matteo Bozic and Mrs. Elena Pachor
Mrs. and Mrs. Simon Isaacs
Mrs. Joanie Rosengarten Van der Grift ’68 & Mr. Paul Van der Grift
Mrs. Frederick Weinstein ’56
Mrs. Martha DeBrule
Mrs. Nancy Walker
Mrs. Paulette Koch
Rick Prudden ’67
Sarah Kemeness
Scott & Katy Thompson
Sue Fan & Tom Ferguson
Suzanne & David Ghirardini

Friend to $499

Adam & Sarah Temple
Amanda Coyle ’11
Andrew Crane
Aronson Family
Ashley Woodbury
Barry & Christina Vipond
Brett Rosecan ’02
Bryce Stewart
Caroline McClelland
Carrie Titcomb Pateman ’92 & Mark L. Pateman
Cyrus Massoumi ’91
Cyrus Toufanian ’92 & Harley Toufanian
Danielle Wyser-Pratte Meagher ’88 & Kevin Meagher
Dario M. Zagar ’86
David & Allyson Feldman
Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Sherman
Drs. Dina & Gary Wexler
Elena Giudice
Eric & Lucinda Stonestrom
Fritz Van der Grift ’03
G. Peter M. McCurrach ’58
Gary & Jane Frucci
Gerard & Melissa George
Glenda Moffatt
Greg Bonner ’90 & Alexis Bonner
Ian Devine ’68
Jessica Blades Havens ’88
Jessica Leone
Kara Taylor
Kimberley Belfi
Lisa Small & Anatole Conde in honor of Aiden Conde
Loverly S. Jn Paul
Lucy Anthony Webster ’80
Maria LaForte
Maria Velez
Mark & Annette Johnson
Mary C. Macfarland
Miss Alexandra Armour
Miss Allison Holcomb
Miss Allyson Heim
Miss Amanda Elkin
Miss Anabel Dewing
Miss Devon McCarthy
Miss Grace Gunkel
Miss Laura Demers
Miss Lauren Pflaumer
Miss Liana L. Stoll
Miss Nancy Lyn Murray
Miss Rachael H. Martin
Miss Seray Ozgenc
Miss Taylor Fitzpatrick
Miss Zara BarrettMr. & Mrs. David Dutkewych
Mr. & Mrs. Fabio Estrada
Mr. & Mrs. John Sayer
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Chivers
Mr. & Mrs. R. Leigh Frackelton, Jr.
Mr. & The Reverend E. Rodman Titcomb, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Reza
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Andreon
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Bjorklund
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Bieneman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Benoit
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Farias
Mr. and Mrs. Chase Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Methe
Mr. and Mrs. David Sobel
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kanai
Mr. and Mrs. Erin Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Fabrizio Flaminio
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Soper
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gramentine
Mr. and Mrs. John Amber
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Remington
Mr. and Mrs. Kristian Charnick
Mr. and Mrs. Kristian Charnick
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Armour
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Sheen
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Finney
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Stapleton
Mr. and Mrs. Mehmet Ozgenc
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pflaumer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zingaro
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Reyes
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Fanberg
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Maligno
Mr. and Mrs. Neal L. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rearic
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lipin
Mr. and Dr. Ryan Heier
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bourgeois
Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Petrovics
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lucchesi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ellis II
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Piester
Mr. and Mrs. William Peebles
Mr. Alxy Gomez
Mr. Andre E. Long II
Mr. Stephen Barry and Mrs. Carey O’Donnell ’71
Mr. Andres Zuniga and Mrs. Vanessa Kelly
Mr. Chris Niebling
Mr. Connor Marr
Mr. Gerard Stigliano and Ms. Kellie Stenzel
Mr. Jeff Markowski and Ms. Robin Laden
Mr. J. Lloyd Harbeck, III
Mr. Kevin Feeley
Mr. Kyle Schlett
Mr. Mark Passler
Mr. Michael Lapidus
Mr. Thomas Gallagher
Mr. Thomas Hitchcock
Mr. Tiffany T. Nelson ’67
Mr. Trent Swift
Mr. William Brady
Mrs. A. Fatio Taylor
Mrs. Aimee Silverman Horowitz
Mrs. Aliison Kent Bourke
Mrs. Benita P. Trinkle ’56
Mrs. Brianna Balas
Mrs. and Mr. Lindsay Kosarek
Mrs. Carole Sklar
Mrs. Chandler C. Ittleson
Mrs. Claudia Koch Burns ’68
Mrs. Disa Campbell
Mrs. Edith Baird Eglin ’53
Mrs. Judith Varady
Mrs. Margaret Steward Campbell
Mrs. Nicole Bellan
Mrs. Penny Parent
Mrs. Phyllis Supple
Mrs. Suzanne Grant
Mrs. Virginia Hearon
Ms. Alana Arciero
Ms. Annette M. Colon
Ms. Cara Pregadio
Ms. Elizabeth Hossfeld
Ms. Jen Howard
Ms. Julissa Lane
Ms. Karen Zacka
Ms. Katherine Duvnjak
Ms. Linda Merman
Ms. Lisette Cabrera
Ms. Molly Scudder Miller
Ms. Mona Fakhoury
Ms. Nicole A. LaTorra ’89
Ms. Pam Williams
Ms. Rebecca Choron
Ms. Sarah Crawford
Ms. Sarah Dixon
Ms. Sue Chris
Ms. Taryn Lakow
Ms. Trudi Borchardt
Ms. Whitney P. Erasmus
Neal & Ernesta Maligno
Olympia Shields ’97
Pamela & Mitchell Slotkin
Patricia Griffin
Paul & Linda Cicio
Pete & Erin Sayer
Prof. and Dr. Paul Du Quenoy
Reginald G. Stambaugh
Robb & Robyn Huff
Ruby Patterson
Rusty Wilkerson
Sarah Skinner. Kilborne ’83
Stephanie Walker
Stephen & Marguerite Morrell
Tabbatha & Michael O’Donnell
Tad Ferguson ’91 & Mae Ferguson – Anonmyous
Tamara Gorfine Petrelli ’92
Terry Resk & Steven Mayans
The Ellender Family
The Firlik Family
The Gotwald Family
The Krumholz Family
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Tina Barbieri
Tracy A. Kramm ’80
Whitney Pyatt

* List updated regularly.
Please contact if your name should be listed and does not appear.