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Annual Fund

Help students achieve more by participating in the Annual Fund.

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What is the PBDA Annual Fund?

Palm Beach Day Academy’s Annual Fund is the money that is needed for the current-year operating expenses. Annual gifts make up the difference between what tuition covers (85%) and the actual cost of running the school.

What does it buy?

The Annual Fund provides teaching tools, academic innovative programming that includes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics), as well as continuing professional development for the faculty.

Every gift to the Annual Fund has an immediate and significant impact, and your participation in the fund reflects the strength of the PBDA community and a shared commitment to its students.

Annual Fund FAQ

  • What is the PBDA Annual Fund?
      • The PBDA Annual Fund is made up of charitable donations to cover expenses not met by tuition alone. Like all independent schools, Palm Beach Day Academy does not charge the full amount that it costs to educate a student. In fact, only 85% of the operating expenses are covered by tuition revenue.
        PBDA depends on the generosity of the parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, administration and friends to support and enrich its programs and curricula by funding our Annual Fund each year.
  • Why is the Annual Fund important?
      • The Annual Fund is built into Palm Beach Day Academy’s yearly operating budget and supports and enhances all aspects of our programs. The following are areas funded by generous gifts to our Annual Fund:

      • Academic Programs
      • Professional Development
      • Technology and Innovation
      • PBDA’s Greatest Need
  • Why doesn’t Palm Beach Day Academy simply raise tuition?
      • The Annual Fund allows us to set tuition lower than it might otherwise be in order to keep the school more affordable for all of our families. As a community, we believe this practice helps us build the type of inclusive school we all wish to have, rather than simply raising tuition to cover all operating expenses.

      Contributions are 100% tax deductible. Tuition payments are not.

  • Will my gift make a difference?
      • All gifts to the Annual Fund – regardless of size – are a statement of support for Palm Beach Day Academy’s mission.
        Your gift says to our community and beyond that you value your child’s Palm Beach Day Academy experience and you want to invest in the continued financial health of our school.
        100% of all PBDA teachers, staff and administration give to the Annual Fund every year before school begins.
    •  Our goal is to have 100% participation from our families as well.
  • How much should I give and when?
      • As you consider your gift to this year’s Annual Fund, please keep in mind that all gifts make a difference and 100% participation ensures we have a committed community of families.
        Whether $100 or $100,000, your gift will be put to immediate use for the benefit of today’s students. We encourage families to give as generously as they are able and ask current PBDA parents to make Palm Beach Day Academy their top philanthropic priority. We ask that everyone make their gift or pledge to the Annual Fund by December 31, 2019. Payment on pledges should be made on or before June 30, 2020. Early gifts and pledges reduce mailings and overhead costs, saving Annual Fund dollars for use in Academic Programs, Athletics and other programs.
        PBDA’s Giving Societies include:

      • $100,000+ | 1921 Society
      • $50,000-$99,999 | Trustee Society
      • $20,000-$49,999 | Faculty Society
      • $15,000-$19,999 | Honor Society
      • $10,000-$14,999 | Palm Society
      • $5,000-$9,999 | Flamingo & Pelican Society
      • $2,500-$4,999 | Bridge Society
      • $1,000-$2,499| Bulldog Society
      • $500-$999 | Blue & Gold Society
      • Friend to $499
  • How does PBDA handle requests and planned gifts?
      • The 1921 Society honors those alumni, parents and friends who have generously made a bequest provision or planned gift commitment to PBDA in their estate plans.

      Please contact Adrienne Arp ( for more information.

  • How do I give to the Annual Fund?
      • Your tax-deductible gift can be made with a check, stock, credit card or online by clicking the yellow button above.
        Many companies offer matching gift programs, a wonderful way to double or even triple your gift amount!
        For more information, please contact Adrienne Arp in the Development Office at or 561.832.3308.

2019-20 Annual Fund Donors*

Thank you to our generous faculty, staff, trustees,  families and friends who have supported this year’s annual fund!

Faculty Society $20,000-$49,999

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Fanjul
Mr. David Gochman

Palm Society $10,000 – $14,999

Mrs. John B. McCracken

Bridge Society $2,500-$4,999

Alton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Fanning M. Hearon III

Bulldog Society $1,000-$2,499

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cvelbar
Mr. Kevin T. Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thompson

Blue & Gold $500-$999

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Bjorklund
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pateman
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles
Ms. Sarah Kemeness

Friend to $499

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Andreon
Ms. Alana Arciero
Mr. and Mrs.Brandon Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Dodger Arp
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barbieri
Ms. Kimberly Belfi
Ms. Nicole Bellan
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Bieneman
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Bishop
Ms. Kimberly Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Chane
Mr. and Mrs. Kristian Charnick
Ms. Sue M. Chris
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cicio
Mrs. Margery Cleary
Mrs. Barbara Close
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Colpitts
Mr. Andrew Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cvelbar
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Dutkewych
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ellender
Ms.Mona Fakhoury
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Fanberg
Mr. Kevin Feeley
Ms. Madeline Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Filauro
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Finey
Mr. and Mrs.Fabrizio Flaminio
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard George
Ms. Elena Giudice
Mr. and Mrs. Jim G. Gramentine
Mr. Ralph Greco
Ms. Patricia Griffin
Ms. Grace V. Gunkel
Ms. Rita Hessel
Ms. Jen Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson
Mrs. Lindsay Kosarek
Ms. Tracy Kramm
Ms. Julissa Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lucchesi
Ms. Nicole A. McGivney
Ms. Linda Merman
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mitchell
Ms. Glenda M. Moffatt
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Moore
Mrs. Christina Moorhead
Mr. Chris Niebling
Mrs. Tabatha O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Mehmet Ozgenc
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Paine
Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Petrovics
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pflaumer
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Piester
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rearic
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Remington
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Reyes
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Reza
Mr. Kyle Schlett
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sheen
Mr. and Mrs. David Sobel
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Stapleton
Mr. Bryce Stewart
Mrs. Pamela Ha-Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sweeney
Ms. Kara Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Thoresen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tummon
United Technologies
Ms. Stephanie Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Wilkerson
Ms. Karen Zacka
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zingaro

* List updated regularly.
Please contact if your name should be listed and does not appear.

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