May 10, 2018 |
Teacher Appreciation Week Included a Bonus for Teachers

Palm Beach Day Academy’s Faculty and Staff enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week, thanks to the genuine gratitude of school families. Every year, parents go to considerable lengths to let the teachers know that their dedication to the students at PBDA is recognized and valued. This year, Lower Campus Chairs Allyson Mashek and Carmen Sosin; and Upper Campus Chairs, Sandy Singer, Amy Lagae and Dina Wexler headed two Teacher Appreciation Committees that planned something special for each day.

Tuesday, May 8, Teacher Appreciation Day, was made especially memorable this year because on that day, all PBDA faculty, staff and administrators received a substantial bonus that was made possible by this year’s Call to the Heart collection at the Feather Ball. Beginning with a special donation and suggestion from a supportive parent of a former student that this year’s donations be used as a monetary bonus for our educators – the bedrock of the school, the idea of a faculty bonus was quickly supported by a second school family who added another gift! Inspired by the generosity of these two families, many parents added donations to the Call to the Heart during the Feather Ball, making the generous Teacher Appreciation Week bonus a possibility.