March 13, 2020 | News
The 31st Annual Fifth Grade Banquet of the Gods

From George Washington in February to Apollo in March, our Fifth Grade students are talented chameleons when it comes to taking on new personas. Everyone from A(thena) to Z(eus) was present on the morning of Wednesday, March 11 as the Fifth Grade class held the 31st Annual Banquet of the Gods presentation.

Banquet of the Gods 2020

The public speaking presentation, held just for the grade’s parents, was the culminating event for the students’ trimester-long reading unit on Greek mythology. Students spent weeks crafting their minute-long scripts and creating their costumes.

On the morning of the banquet, several moms teamed up with Fifth Grade teachers Christi Chane, Richard Tummon and Katy Thompson to serve as the hair and makeup team, while also providing necessary costume assistance.

Banquet of the Gods 2020

Zeus (Bohdan D.) and Hera (Olivia M.) emceed the banquet, providing a quick narrative for each of the Gods and Goddesses whom they introduced to the audience. The students perfectly embodied their chosen mythological character while sharing details about their legacy.

One of the three main focuses of the Fifth Grade curriculum at PBDA is a focus on presentation skills. Throughout the school year, students are given several opportunities to practice their public speaking skills at major events, on stage, and in the classroom. In addition to the beloved Banquet of the Gods, other signature Fifth Grade events include the Presidents’ Assembly and the Poetry Contest.