Tuition & Fees

Affording PBDA

Palm Beach Day Academy is committed to enrolling and graduating stellar students from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Such a commitment strengthens the educational experience for the individual and for the community. Through our financial assistance program, PBDA seeks to offer access and opportunity to qualified students from a broad socio-economic background with demonstrated financial need.


Pre-Primary – 3 Half Days$14,930
Pre-Primary – 5 Half Days$19,380
Pre-Primary – Full Day$23,800
Primary – Half Day$19,380
Primary – Full Day$23,800
First Grade$29,950
Second Grade$29,950
Third Grade$29,950
Fourth Grade$32,660
Fifth Grade$32,660
Sixth Grade$32,660
Seventh Grade$35,170
Eighth Grade$35,170
Ninth Grade$35,860

Tuition is payable in 1 full payment or 10 monthly payments (managed by Smart Tuition).

Additional fees:

  • Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) 1.35% of tuition (required for first year families and monthly payment plan)
  • Textbooks (Grades K-9) are purchased separately
  • Uniforms are purchased separately at PB Boys and PB Girls Club/Aristokids in Palm Beach, or online through Lands’ End

Additional options include transportation, after school Enrichment classes, and the lunch program.