May 22, 2020 | News
Upper Campus Academic Awards Ceremony 2020

On the morning of Friday, May 22, the Upper Campus Academic Awards Ceremony was held virtually via a pre-recorded Vimeo link. Earlier in the week, faculty spent time filming their awards portion on-campus. The final ceremony video was ultimately compiled by Upper Campus History teacher and videographer, Jonathan Paine.

PBDA 2020 Academic Awards Ceremony
Ms. Kemeness, Head of Upper Campus, opens the 2020 Academic Awards Ceremony via Vimeo

Congratulations to this year’s Academic Award winners!

World Language (presented by Claudie Finney)

Chinese Book Awards

  • 6th Grade – Jada M.
  • 7th Grade –  Allie K.
  • 8th Grade – Bertie A. and James C.
  • 9th Grade – Madisen W.

French Book Awards

  • 6th Grade – Destiny H.
  • 7th Grade – Jackie T.
  • 8th Grade – Sterling M.
  • 9th Grade – Jasmine L.

Spanish Book Awards

  • 6th Grade – Gigi G.
  • 7th Grade – Alexa L.
  • 8th Grade – Alexis K. and Caroline J.
  • 9th Grade – Mei V.

English Book Awards (presented by Jen Howard)

  • 6th Grade – Gigi G.
  • 7th Grade – Alexa L.
  • 8th Grade – Caroline J.
  • 9th Grade – Mei V.
  • Judy Varady 7th Grade Monologue Award – Alexa L.

Fine Arts Awards (presented by Scott Thompson)

  • Publications Award – Roger R.
  • Music Award – Chloe L. and James C.
  • Fine Arts Award – Mei V.
  • Haskell Dramatics Award – Caroline J.

History Award (presented by Bryce Stewart)

  • 6th Grade – Bud M.
  • 7th Grade – Nico P.
  • 8th Grade – Bertie A.
  • 9th Grade – Mei V.
  • Geography Bee – Nico P.

Math Awards (presented by Tina Barbieri)

  • 6th Grade – Gigi G. and Omar D.
  • 7th Grade Honors Algebra 1 – Harlow K. and Maxine W.
  • 8th Grade Honors Algebra 1 Part 2– Hayley W.
  • 8th Grade Honors Geometry – Bertie A.
  • 9th Grade Honors Geometry – Madisen W.
  • 8th Grade Algebra 2 – Bertie A.
  • 9th Grade Pre-Calculus – Mei V.

Science Awards (presented by Erin Mitchell)

  • 6th Grade – Destiny H.
  • 7th Grade – Alexa L.
  • 8th Grade – Teddy O.
  • 9th Grade – Madisen W.

Sports Awards (presented by Paul Cicio)

  • 6th Grade Field Day Captains – Pelican Captains: Kate Frost and Thomas Murray; Flamingo Captains: Molly Kapp and Thomas Pastore
  • 6th Grade Maddock Awards – Jada M. and Aiden C.
  • 6th Grade Excellence in Sports Awards – Chloe P., Kate F., Thomas M. and Thomas P.
  • 6th Grade Coaches Awards – Gigi G.,  Molly K., John G. and Tristan R. 
  • 6th Grade Most Improved Awards – Destiny H. and Aiden C.
  • 6th Grade Sportsmanship Awards – Carlisle A. and Gavin N.

Additional Awards

  • Excellence in Computing Award – Omar D.
  • Pi Award – Bertie A.
  • Kiwanis Student of the Year (presented by Sarah Kemeness) – Madisen W.
  • 6th Grade Grade GRIT Prize (presented by Patti Griffin) – Carlisle A.
  • Chapin Cup (presented by Patti Griffin) – Kate F.