April 18, 2020 | Heads' Blog
Welcome to the Starting Lineup, Parents!

Written by Sarah Kemeness, Head of Upper Campus at PBDA

Parents, welcome to big leagues!

For the past three weeks, I’ve praised our students for their flexibility and ability to maneuver through distance learning. I continue to bow at the feet of the faculty whose unmatched dedication and drive continue to challenge and engage the students. I’ve even congratulated Netflix, Amazon, HelloFresh and Shipt. Please forgive me for failing to recognize our newest educators on the team – dare I call you substitutes – the parents. 

While some of your social media posts look like it’s business as usual in your home, others share photos of kitchens that resemble a highway diner; you’ve gained the title of short-order cook. If you’re not cooking, you’ve mastered take-out service. You can pull into kitchen, have your child lean out the window to grab the food, and you longer have to stop the car. You’re now somewhat of a dare devil.

During Zoom lessons, you’re the family’s new IT Director, troubleshooting those mute and Google invite issue. And if you’re not on the front lines of Zoom, you’re managing base camp; the siblings will not enter through the living room while their sister analyzes Hoot with her fourth-grade classmates. 

You’re ready for the Westminster Kennel Club; your dog is more obedient than ever. Just your “look” stops Fido in his tracks; barking during Zoom classes is simply unacceptable. You’re also quite the dog walker, and if you could, you’d walk your cat to get some fresh air. 

Each of you has worn numerous hats over the past three weeks and on behalf of the PBDA faculty, thank you. Thank you for being patient with us as we continue to tweak our lesson plans, pace and process. Thank you for making sure your children are ready to work each day. Thank you for helping to lower anxiety and stress levels. While a bit tired, our students arrive on Zoom each day happy and ready to learn, largely thanks to you.

At PBDA, we’ve always said that it takes a team for a student to be successful, and as parents and superfans, you have always cheered from the sidelines. Now, moms and dads, you’ll sit on the bench no more – welcome to the starting lineup.